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Coleshill Plastics offer a range of specialist services and the latest technology to ensure you receive the best possible products and service.

  • In-mould coating (robotic)
  • In-mould decorative foiling
  • Insert moulding

For many years one of our strengths has been to offer services not readily found elsewhere and whilst insert moulding is the exception, in-mould foiling and PiMC onto both Melamine's and Composites is not.

Coleshill Plastics continually strives to keep abreast of new technologies and processes which we believe will


enhance and benefit our customer's products through improved performance and quality.

PiMC (Polyester in-mould coating) is one example and is the process of applying a high performance polymer skin to the surface of the moulding. This is carried out in the mould and the PIMC cures into the chemical structure of the moulding to provide a permanent scratch and stain resistant surface. The PIMC can be applied to the cavity manually or for the more complex or multi colour applications by robot.

If you would like more information about any of the products and services we offer please contact us or call us directly on 02476 724 900.